1. For admission to each class/year of the course, admission committee of faculties and authorities is to be constituted to facilitate of the process of admission with one or two members being designated as Admission In-Charge/s.
2. The admission of courses is to be officially announced on the Institute website along with the name/s of Admission In charge/s along with their contact numbers.
3. Admission to MBA & MCA courses run by the Institute would be granted on “First come First serve” basis .
4. Admission to courses affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University will be granted only if the candidate desirous of seeking admission satisfies the eligibility criteria prescribed by the university.
5. The reservation policy of the state government and the norms of the affiliating Savitribai Phule Pune University will be applicable in the remaining of seats.
6. Admission granted to the candidates by the Institute would be purely provisional. It will be confirmed after the due process of eligibility is completed by the candidate with the assistance of the Institute eligibility section and the affiliating university verifying and granting eligibility approval to each candidate for each course.
7. Admission to certificate/short term courses which are autonomous will be granted on the basis of eligibility criteria fixed by the Institute.
8. The rules for cancellation of admission/refund of fees would be as per the rules prescribed by the affiliating university.
9. Admission to any course would be granted by the Institute only after payment of prescribed course fees.
10. However if the candidate is unable to pay full fees, he/she will have to apply for the installment facility with the assistance of the admission committee which will recommend the installment amounts with their due dates to the Director who will finally approve the installment request.
11. The original fee receipts /transaction details of the admission fee paid will have to be preserved by the candidate till he or she fully passes out the concerned course.
12. Admission to students who are children/wards of the Institute staff would be granted concession in fees asper the staff welfare measures currently in force.