The Institute teaching faculty has to play a greater role in the planning, decision-making and implementation of Institute policies. They are to be offered greater autonomy, confidence and freedom in making decisions making the system democratic in nature. This will empower them to
work comfortably with all their colleagues and be responsible to their assigned duties without any follow up or supervision. The confidence acquired by the teachers in such a setup will help provide varied learning experiences to the students with ease and happiness.
The empowerment of the faculty is to be achieved through:
1. The process of planning and decision-making to involve the faculty members.
2. Timely dissemination of information through regular meetings, official communications etc.
3. Apprising of latest updates in the policies and demands in the higher education sector to be achieved through seminars and group discussion sessions. In the light of these, sessions on the plans, mission and goals of the Institute is also to be included.
4. The Institute work environment has to be conducive and competent to provide self- Fulfillment, satisfaction and promoting the inner drive.
5. To ensure reliable performances of routine works, feedback from the faculty may be taken Whenever and wherever possible.
6. Teachers to be encouraged for perpetually upgrading their teaching and learning methods Preferably by using the latest ICT tools available.
7 The infrastructural facilities being the skeletal of the Institute, adequate care is to be taken in Propping up timely addition, renovation and maintenance.